THE IMMUNE SYSTEM, Coauthored with Dr. Terry Phillips and published by Lerner Publishing Co., Minneapolis, MN in 1998

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"Middle schoolers are going to appreciate the clear and detailed description of the immune system in this book.  Because it devotes over a hundred pages to this one essential system, it goes far beyond the cursory coverage in most human body books.  There are great explanations of vaccinations, allergic reactions, and the influence of diet and attitude on wellness."

                - Fall/Winter '98 issue from Parent Council

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"This surprisingly readable book presents the complex processes of the immune system through precise explanations and lively imagery.  Topics include the makeup of the immune system; how it recognized and deals with 'body invaders'; vaccination; nutrition; mind-body connections; allergies; disorders of the immune system; and medicine of the future.  The authors, one of whom is an immunologist, show a thorough knowledge of the field and the ability to communicate complex concepts through concrete imagery...Best of all, the descriptions of the immune systems intricate workings leave the readers feeling amazed rather than baffled by the complexity of it all, and impressed at how cleverly and how well the immune system works to maintain the body's health."

Booklist, June 1 & 15, 1998, published by Lerner Publishing Co., Minneapolis, MN in 2000, revised and reissued in 2003

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"This is an impressive, informative book on the human immune system...This book is so very well written it could be used as a textbook for children in the middle school."

  - San Diego University Website